Photograph by Horst Antosch.


The Washington Environmental Council (WEC) was founded in 1971 when the environmental movement was just beginning in this country. The issues of the time determined where we focused our time, energy and resources. Over the years, we have enjoyed the leadership and support of many fine individuals and have formed an effective coalition with the various public and private groups in Washington and the surrounding region. In 1972 WEC advocated recycling and other sound ecological practices as part of everyday life in town. Our mission is to be an advocate and provide leadership in maintaining, protecting and enhancing the environmental quality of the Town of Washington and the surrounding region.

EXPO Mission

WEC's mission for the Future Now Expo is to: 

  • Inform our community about today's most pressing environmental issues and present concrete options for addressing these issues on a local and individual level.
  • Create a community of environmental advocates through education and support for ongoing actions.
  • Empower our children to believe in positive change and encourage them to become our environmental leaders.

The term "Future Now" is two-fold: one, we must build the pillars NOW in order to produce measurable results in the FUTURE; and two, the Future is Now.